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Pet Health Centre , Tuam is a 100% small animal hospital located off the M17 motorway network providing easy accessibility. We have been providing veterinary care since 2006.

Our modern facilities in veterinary medicine include medical consultations, preventative medicines, surgery, dentistry, radiography and in house blood testing.

We would like to introduce our new product of online consultation to cater for our vulnerable patients in these socially distancing times.

24 hour emergency service provided for clients of the clinic.

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Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm
Sat: 10am-4pm


Involving a detailed history taken from the owner followed by a thorough clinical examination. We will discuss a list of possible problems and possibly suggest further diagnostic tests to rule in or out potential causes. Find out more here.


Regular vaccinations are the core of preventative veterinary medicine. Various incidences of diseases have significantly decreased thanks to the uptake of vaccinations. Find out more here.

Health checks

Annual health checks are provided with booster vaccinations where issues regarding nutrition, internal and external parasite control, dental and weight checks can be discussed. Find out more here.


At Pet Health Centre, Tuam, we neuter pets everyday. Spaying refers to the female. Castration refers to the male and neutering refers to either! Find out more here.

In House Diagnostics

Blood analysis, Urinalysis, In house infectious disease testing such as Felv, Fiv and Parvovirus, Digital Radiography and Ultrasonography.

Pet Passport

Issued by us provided your pet has been microchipped and vaccinated against rabies from 12 weeks of age.

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